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"Community Health" Community of Practice (CH CoP)

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Language: French

Started By: BALEBA Aubin Nino on 9 June. Last answered over 4 years ago by Sissoko Foussénou


Language: English

Started By: Rachael Tembo on 15 June. Last answered over 4 years ago by Bruno Meessen


Language: French

Started By: BALEBA Aubin Nino on 17 June.


Language: English

Started By: Dr. Achille Kabore on 19 July. Last answered over 4 years ago by Sanghita Bhattacharyya

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The Community Health Community of Practice (CH CoP) builds on the Institutionalisation Community Health Conference co-hosted by USAID and UNICEF in Johannesburg in March 2017. Conceived as an ‘open space’ in terms of both contribution and access to knowledge, it aims at gathering practitioners, policy makers, researchers, program implementers and other experts actively involved in the technical or policy development of community health programs in low- and middle-income countries. It offers a network to share your country experience with other countries facing similar challenges; access to global knowledge on community health and its institutionalisation; opportunities for learning, exchanging and debating; constant information on new theoretical, operational or empirical developments in this domain of knowledge. The CoP is facilitated by an international team based in Africa, Asia and Europe. The CH CoP is supported by UNICEF in collaboration with USAID.
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