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7 Resources


Background documentsCoP PromotionNational strategies
Community Health Systems allowing CHW to emerge from the shadow
by Pfaffmann et al 05 February, 2018
Type: PDFDownload
From CHWs to Community Health Systems: Time to Widen the Horizon?
by Helen Schneider & Uta Lehmann 07 March, 2018
Type: PDFDownload
Community Health System Framework
by  31 July, 2019
Type: PDFDownload
Resource NameAuthor(s)UploadedType
Community Health Systems allowing CHW to emerge from the shadowPfaffmann et al05 February, 2018PDFDownload
From CHWs to Community Health Systems: Time to Widen the Horizon?Helen Schneider & Uta Lehmann07 March, 2018PDFDownload
Community Health System Framework31 July, 2019PDFDownload
Card Community Health CoP
by CH CoP 23 February, 2018
Type: PDFDownload
Carte CoP Santé Communautaire
by CH CoP 23 February, 2018
Type: PDFDownload
by  30 March, 2018
Type: JPEGDownload
Resource NameAuthor(s)UploadedType
Carte CoP Santé CommunautaireCH CoP23 February, 2018PDFDownload
Card Community Health CoPCH CoP23 February, 2018PDFDownload
CH-CoP_logo.jpg30 March, 2018JPEGDownload
Stratégie Intégrée Santé Communautaire Cameroun
Type: PDFDownload
Resource NameAuthor(s)UploadedType
Stratégie Intégrée Santé Communautaire CamerounMinistère de la Santé du Cameroun06 July, 2018PDFDownload
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