About Collectivity
Collectivity finds its roots in a story that started more than 5 years ago now, among a group of professionals specializing in health issues in developing countries.
Tired of a world where knowledge is fragmented and rarely shared, we first set up international communities of practice. Our ambition: to help health systems, particularly in Africa, by bringing the people involved in the design, implementation and evaluation of policies together on a single platform.
Our experience has strengthened our vision of a world with fewer walls where individuals should be able to freely share knowledge and co-produce new action-oriented knowledge, beyond institutional and national boundaries.
With the development of our communities of practice, we felt more and more constrained by the electronic platforms and forums available today.
We began to understand that the collaborative platform we needed was simply not available, and that it was up to us to create it. Encouraged by our NORAD partner, we then decided to launch something totally new, admittedly a bit of a wild gamble. Yet, we bet the gamble will pay off.
By joining Collectivity, you join an ambitious community: we refuse to just accept the world as it is today or as it might be tomorrow. Necessary changes will not fall from heaven; it is up to us to make them happen... Yet, our participation will only be effective if we have a platform that allows us, “the crowd”, to organize ourselves. This is the vision of Collectivity: to invent a new model of collective action.
Collectivity is a project that will no doubt further evolve in the coming years. We start with tens, hundreds of experts, but soon we hope there will be thousands of us. Our ambition for the next three years is to build a platform and an ecosystem that match your desire to collaborate with your peers. Your help, your commitment, and feedback on your experiences will be crucial to our success.
Meet the team
Bruno Messen
Project Coordinator
Maxime Rouve
Project Manager
Naïké Nembetwa
Project Manager
Development team
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