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Governance for Strategic Purchasing
Project Work Period:  12/02/2019 - 31/01/2020
Calendar 347 Days Left to Apply
Over a number of webinars throughout 2019, project members will discuss key issues around governance for strategic purchasing.
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Pin Burundi
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2° Global Citizen Walkshop
Project Work Period:  20/01 - 28/02/2019
Réfléchir en marchant
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Pin International
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Santé et fragilité en Afrique francophone
Project Work Period:  07/01 - 15/02/2019
Calendar Project closed
Contribuez à l'élaboration d'une note conceptuelle, en vue d'une réunion internationale
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Our mission
Want to occasionally put your skills to the service of causes of projects that matter to you? Collectivity connects you with collaborative projects that suit you and value your commitment.
Co-produce knowledge
With our shared knowledge, we can change the world.Collectivity is a platform that facilitates the achievement of collaborative projects that matter to you. Share your commitment with with an impressive group of professionals active in global health.
Develop your skills
Each collaborative project will be a new challenge.Each project will call upon your skills and allow you to develop your expertise further to the benefit of the community and your own career.
Gain visibility
Your participation in our projects will be evaluated and certified.The recognition of your work will allow you to objectify your involvement and the value of your skills. This will in turn help you stand out in the eyes of potential recruiters.
Develop your network
Joining Collectivity implies forging a strong bond with colleagues from around the world.It also involves regular interaction with our partners, development agencies and agents of change. Become a member of a dynamic and engaged community that creates opportunities!
“With our shared knowledge, we can change the world. Collectivity is a platform that facilitates the achievement of collaborative projects that matter to you. Share your commitment. ”
Dr. Bruno Meessen
ITM, Antwerp Belgium
Member since October 2015
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